luke01"You keep saying we are your future, but if you keep treating our Earth the way you do, there will not be any future for us ."

What is the earth of tomorrow meant to look like in the eyes of our children?

The film PART TIME KINGS gives a voice to youth worldwide, to speak out their dreams and visions of a future worth living. These young Ones highlight the chances we have when we follow our dreams, believe in ourselves, support each other and walk forward together.

They are approaching  a new future, filled with enthusiasm and confidence. Our destructive patterns of competition, envy and discrimination  have no place in their lives. .

Their intuitive way takes us along to a new world that is already their home.

"PART TIME KINGS" wants to awaken and encourage us. Each of us carries the seed of knowledge about a world worth living in. Our kids chose the task to encourage this inner wisdom and let it grow.

It is time to realise, that today's young carry incredible potential, and that we may learn to regard them as equals – fully responsible human beings, despite their youth. Their self-esteem and self-conception make them invaluable teachers to us.

PART TIME KINGS is a call for the project FUTURE Factory - CHILDREN/YOUTH

"What would  you wish  tomorrow's world to be like?"

An internet forum for young people to inform themselves, to share  and to become active could be a first step to listen to the voices of the  new generation.

Schools annual project weeks should integrate the topic of shaping the future of  our planet. PART TIME KINGS could serve as a door opener for this. Discussions after viewing  would  provide a chance for the young as well as the adults to voice  their future-visions and -dreams.

Let's walk a new path on the Earth - together.

Elke von Linde

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