Album: into the heart of sangoma von ann mortifee


Viva la Vida! & Gesänge des Lebens von Sylvia Kirchherr

The Song „NOKUMBULWANA“ by Ann Mortifee reflects the spirit of the film in a meaningful way. We are grateful, that Ann supports this film-project with her song



We are lost so deep in darkness
Our hearts grow hollow with pain
Mother of all creation
Return to us again


Lady who loves the loveless
Flower of many fields
Mother of all relations
Hear, oh hear our plea


And so it begins what has been forseen
The dark gives way to the sacred dream
The boy and girl awake
As day breaks the hold of night
From deep within where mystery swims

They come
They come with the rythm of
a new world waking
They come with the song of
the ancient ways
They come with the promise of
the earth and the heaven
To unite like the dawn
The dark and the day

is the name for the Great Mother -


Die Musik von Sylvia Kirchherr unterstreicht die Lebensfreude und den Mut der Jugend in PART TIME KINGS. Ihre  Klänge sind eine Bereicherung für uns und alle, die Sylvia auch Live erleben dürfen. Danke !

Sylvia Kirchherr:
„Ich möchte Mut machen.
Zum Leben.
Zum Lebendig und unbändig wild sein.“




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