After "The White Road", the new movie of the German ethnologist and filmmaker Elke von Linde again picks up on a fascinating topic of today.

PART TIME KINGS is an amazing and touching vision of tomorrow`s world as dreamt upon by children. The film allows us a look through the eyes of today’s children and young people. It opens a new space for innocence, courage and fantasy ... for a future world that might be.

Their visions, courage and fantasy could also inspire us, since the world of tomorrow lies in the decisions we make today.

Future – what is it?
How do today’s  children and teenagers see the future?
What are the dreams, hopes, visions and potentials of the next generation?
What does their future look like?


Elke von Linde
Elke von Linde
(born 1953, lives close to Munich) "From art history to heart history" Put in a nutshell, this was my path to filmmaking. . First I was intrigued by the wisdom of Indigenous People, then by the wisdom of children and young people all over the world. The film "The White Road" enabled me to go into close contact and communicate with many people. Looking back, I find this to be the most important part of the project. This second time is a matter of the heart again, in "PART TIME KINGS" I interacted with young people all over the planet, encouraging them to voice their dreams and plant a seed ... for a joint venture towards “creating the Future on our own.”". Taking responsibility and cooperating in circles, which are open for everyone to start where they can, and do their best.

Today, we all plant the seeds for the future – by our actions and the kind of role models we are.

What will the world of tomorrow look like – seen through the eyes of our children?
Do we even know it?
Did we ever ask them?     

For the first time in history, youth can share  their common vision of the future worldwide, and they do it with enthusiasm , empathy, and a new spirit of community. Meanwhile, many of them are in charge of creating a better world for tomorrow.

It is time to listen to youth and their future-dreams, their ideas. To make this visible for everybody, to respond and support, this is the aim of PART TIME KINGS.

It took more than two years of shooting, travelling seven countries, interviewing more than 100 kids encouraging trust by spending a lot of time with them. Elke von Linde came up with deeply touching stories and statements of the young, aged between five and twenty-one years. The protagonists have been chosen to represent a wide variety of social classes, religions and nationalities.

They all answered this one question:

"What are your dreams for the  world of tomorrow?"

With your mouse, you are only one  click apart. Now you can collectively create the future you want by using the magic of your words, thoughts and feelings.

Don’t let anybody or anything stop you.
Set light to a lot of  hearts with the spark of this magic.

What is your dream?


“When dreaming alone, it is just  a dream. When dreaming together, it is the start to a new reality.”
- Hélder Câmara

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